KT: Pistón rotatorio - KT

Modelo: KT150C, KT300D, KT500D, KT850D


KT Single-Stage Rotary Piston Pump


  • Quiet running
  • High pumping capacity at high & low pressures
  • Triplex piston design: dynamically balanced & practically vibration-free
  • Durable in dirty applications
  • No metal-to-metal contact between pump piston & cylinder - clearances are filled with oil
  • KT models include an integral, positive pressure lubrication system to ensure reliable lubrication at all pressure levels
  • Optional factory-mounted oil filtration system lowers maintenance costs and increases uptime
    • Also available as a retrofit kit for existing KT pumps
  • KT pumps are water-cooled. Optional air-cooling systems are available
  • Adjustable gas ballast valves are standard for handling water and other vapor loads

Tuthill mantiene sus más de 100 años de calidad y durabilidad en tecnología de bombas de vacío al ofrecer la garantía de bombas de pistón más prolongada disponible en la industria - ¡30 meses!